Discount Codes

Add, edit, or delete discount codes that are used during the exhibitor checkout, or applied to an order in the back end through the Order Manager. 

You can set code details, the code name, discount type (flat amount or percentage), what the discount applies to (booths, services, or both), discount amount, and limit your code per order so that it cannot be combined with another discount code.

You can also make a Discount Code inactive if you want to make it unavailable for exhibitors to use, but leave the discount on orders to which it has already been applied.


To create a discount code:

Path: Registration & Orders > Discount Codes
  1. Go to Registration & Orders > Discount Codes.
  2. Click Add New Record.
  3. Enter the code�s information.
  4. Click Save Changes.

To make a discount code inactive:

  1. Go to Registration & Orders > Discount Codes.
  2. Click the discount you need to deactivate.
  3. Next to Inactive at the bottom, click Yes. 
  4. Click Save Changes.


  • We recommend using only one discount code per order.
  • Deleting a discount code will make the code disappear from any orders that used it. If you need to take a discount code out of circulation, we strongly recommend making a code inactive, instead of deleting it.