Exhibitor Plus Pricing

When you purchase Exhibitor Plus, it's up to you whether or not you want to include it with every booth sale at no charge, charge a premium for its features, or choose to exclude it from the exhibitor's checkout and handle sales or distribution of the features in a different way.

Path: Floorplan Sales & Services > Registration & Payment Settings > Optional Settings > Exhibitor Login Settings

This section of the Registration Settings allows you to make these choices for your exhibitor's checkout experience.


  1. No Online Sales: This option will not allow for the purchase of Exhibitor Plus to happen during the booth sales process. You can still manually assign exhibitors to edit their profiles. 
  2. Purchase or Include: This option gives you the ability to include Exhibitor Plus with specific booth types or sell it as an add-on feature.
  3. Included with All Booths: This option will include Exhibitor Plus with all booth purchases at no extra cost.


  • Exhibitors will be able to see this as a full page in the Registration/Checkout portion of the admin when checking out if this is sold as an add on
  • Pricing is up to the show manager.