Respond to chats (for Exhibitors and Vendors)

Exhibitors/Vendors respond to chat prompts from inside Event Home Base.

Path: Event Home Base> Chats With Vendors box

Setup Requirements

The Show Manager must have the Chat box checked for the Exhibitor/Vendor's account inside the Exhibitor Access Manager. (Exhibitors/Vendors cannot turn this on or off for themselves)

An Exhibitor/Vendor must log in to Event Home Base using their assigned Account Email (found inside the Exhibitor Access Manager) in order to reply to a Chat.



  1. The Exhibitor/Vendor will receive an email notification that an Attendee or Vendor wants to chat.
  2. The Exhibitor/Vendor must access the Event Home Base for your event, and log in.
  3. They'll click on the orange Chat with Vendors box in the bottom left.??
  4. They�ll see a list of names that reached out to start a Chat.
  5. They'll select the name from the list, and they�ll be able to respond!


  • Only the assigned Account Email for an Exhibitor/Vendor (found inside the Exhibitor Access Manager) will receive the Attendee Chat notification email.
  • Chats between 2 parties are only visible to those 2 parties.
  • Exhibitors/Vendors can start chats with other Exhibitors/Vendors.
  • Exhibitors/Vendors cannot start chats with Attendees.