Initiate chat

Attendees and other Vendors can reach out to Vendors and initiate a private chat with them.

Path: Event Home Base URL> Marketplace> Vendor>> Let's Talk


To initiate a chat, Attendees and Vendors will need to:

  1. Access the Event Home Base URL for your event, and log in as an Attendee or Vendor.
  2. Navigate to the Marketplace.
  3. Find Vendors accepting chats; they will display an orange oval tag stating chat available.
  4. Click on the Vendor and click over to the "Let's Talk" tab.
  5. Enter text into the provided field and click the green Start Conversation button.
After that, the chat will continue in the "Chats With Vendors" box, located in the bottom left corner of Event Home Base.


  • Only Vendors and Attendees can see contents of the chats.
  • Once an Attendee or Vendor contacts a Vendor for a chat, the Vendor will get an an email notification and a prompt to log into Event Home Base, where they can respond inside the "Chats With Vendors" box.