Lock or unlock Exhibitor Profile

When you lock an exhibitor from their account, they will no longer have access to view, edit, or remove information for their profile in your show.

When an exhibitor logs in to see a locked profile, their profile for your show will turn light gray.

If they click on the show, a message will pop up saying the show has been locked.

There are two ways to locking an exhibitor's profile:

Path: Exhibitors > Access Manager 


To lock a single exhibitor from accessing their account, go to the Access Manager and scroll down to the Individual Accounts List & Access Level. Select the check box in the "Lock Profile" column for the exhibitor that should not have access to their account.

Uncheck the box to unlock the profile.

In Bulk

You can also perform a bulk lock (or unlock) for all your exhibitors by going to "Lock or Unlock Profiles" under Accounts Status and Global Actions in the top right hand side of the Access Manager.