Send a payment request

If an exhibitor has an outstanding balance on an order in the system, you can email them a payment request.

This payment request allows them to finish paying for their order via the payment gateway you have set up in Map Dynamics. You can include a custom greeting in the payment request email you send to the exhibitor.

Alternately, you can process the payment online for them yourself via the payment gateway you have set up.

Path: Registration & Orders > Order Manager > View Order > Send Payment Request


Send a Payment Request

  1. From the Order Manager, click View Order
  2. In the order management toolbox, click Send Payment Request or Pay Online
  3. Enter an email and custom message
  4. Click Send Payment Request

To send payment requests in bulk to multiple exhibitors, click here.

Enter Payment Online

  1. Click Enter Payment Online
  2. Enter exhibitor�s Credit Card information
  3. Follow the prompts to process payment


  • The link you send an exhibitor with a payment request is the same as the link you access when clicking Enter Payment Online
  • Deposit amounts and percentages don�t apply when using a payment link. Enable partial payments for invoicing (checkout settings) if you want to process a payment less than the full amount owed on an order.