Refunds and order cancellations

NoteRefunds to an exhibitor cannot be done through Map D. You will need to go directly through your Stripe account to do this first, and then log the refund inside the Order Manager.

You can reflect any refunds that you have made to your exhibitor by editing the payment records on an order and noting the changes in a memo. Any refund you log should include at least this step.

Depending on how an exhibitor has paid - and whether they�ve been assigned to a booth - there are two extra steps to processing a refund for your exhibitors.

  • If they paid via Stripe, you should first go to Stripe�s website to refund their money, and then to the Map D admin to edit their order to reflect the refund. 
  • If they�ve been assigned to a booth, you�ll need to remove them from the booth and make the booth available for purchase again.


  1. Refund the Payment (Payment Processor or Other Payment Method): This step cannot be done through Map D.
    1. Stripe � You�ll need to go directly through Stripe to refund the exhibitor their money.
    2. Other Payment Method� Refund the exhibitor via your show's internal refund guidelines.

2. Edit the Order

Path: Floorplan & Sales > Order Manager
    1. Select the order and click on 'Edit Order'
    2. Under 'Booths and Services', click on Remove (for more details, click here)
    3. Remove their payments*
    4. Click 'Save Changes'
    5. Note the refund/cancellation using the Internal or Customer Memos section near the top of the page
    6. Click Save Changes

3. Remove the Exhibitor (Use the Edit Map Layout button): If the exhibitor has already been assigned to a booth, you�ll need to take these next steps to remove them and make their booth available for purchase again.

      1. Open up the Map Editor from the dashboard
      2. Click the exhibitor�s booth
      3. Un-assign the exhibitor using the Booth Information Editor on the right of the screen
      4. Check the Purchasable box
      5. Click Update Booth Information"


  • A refund processed through Stripe will not automatically post to the payments section of an order.
  • *In step 2c, instead of deleting a payment, you can also add a negative payment amount (ex. "-200") to reflect a refund.