Adding Payments to an Order

When you're editing an order, the Order Payments section is where you can add payments, such as checks, into the system for that order. If the Exhibitor has already made a payment, make sure to add it to this list.

You must add the date, the payment method, and the amount for each payment you enter. If you need to delete a payment, delete the contents of each field of the payment and then save the order.


Path: Registration & Orders > Order Manager > View Order > Edit Order > Order Payments
  1. From the Order Edit screen, scroll to Order Payments.
  2. Add a date.
  3. Add a payment method (such as check or payment gateway).
  4. Add amount.
  5. Add authorization code (if needed).
  6. Add memo (if needed).
  7. Save changes.


  • You can express refunds through our system by adding a negative symbol in front of the amount. (ex: -500). You do not need to add the dollar amount symbol. It�s already been added for you.
  • A duplicate payment containing the exact same date, payment method, and amount will not save. 
  • If you need to save a duplicate payment, enter a memo or authorization code to differentiate the payment.