Standard Booth Pricing

This is where you can set the price for each of your booth types in the admin. 

Path: Booth Setup > Booth Type > Create New Record > Booth Information > Standard Pricing


The single-booth price should be set at the highest amount someone would expect to pay for that booth in your show. This is so you can set discounts for the booth later if you choose.

Pricing Tiers

For Pricing Tiers, you can set a different price per booth when booths are purchased in multiples. 

An example of Standard Pricing with a $25 off per booth if the exhibitor buys two or more booths is shown below:


For a single booth that sells for $150, but at a quantity of 2 sells for $125 per booth, you would set "Quantity" to 2, and you would set "Price Per Booth" to 125.

Included Services

This is also where you can specify services to be tied to a booth type's purchase. If a booth of that type is purchased, the service will be included in the price at checkout.

Here is an example of what Included Services look like:

Important Notes

  • If a user purchases a quantity that qualifies for a Pricing Tier discount, manual pricing that may be set on any of those individual booths will be ignored.
  • Pricing Tiers DO NOT apply if registration is set to Type 2 registration, Show Manager Assigns Booths.
  • Pricing Tiers will not combine with Booth Quantity Discounts.