User Registration Types

If you'd like to provide booth pricing options based on a user type, such as "Member", "Sponsor" (etc.), add those role names here. You can assign a role to specific Booth Type pricing in the 'Booth Types' menu.


  • If registration without special pricing or a code is allowed, be sure to add that type into this list. For example, a "Non-Member" registration type.
  • If no registration user types are created the user type selection menu will not be present during checkout.

User registration types specify the type of exhibitor that is registering for your event. You can attach registration types to different pricing schemes that you set up under your booth types, and set passwords for types that receive discounts. 

Frequently used Registration Types are "Member""Non-Member", and "Sponsor", where booth price varies from type to type.

The number of user registration types an event will need depends on the organization, as you could have multiple types or levels of membership.


Path: Registration & Orders > User Registration Types 
1.Go to Registration & Orders, and click User Registration Types

2. Click Add New Record

3. Name your User Registration Type and include a verification code if you�d like to restrict it to certain exhibitors

4. Click Save Record



  • If you are using User Registration Types for organization member discounts, you must also create a Non-Member registration type for Non-Member pricing.
  • You must assign these User Registration types to your Additional Pricing Schemes to indicate how the pricing will change based on an exhibitor's User Registration Type.

    � To do this, follow the path below;
Path: Booths Setup> Booth Types, and click a booth type. 
  • Then, click on Additional Pricing Options and fill out each tab to create your Registration Type pricing schemes.
  • Be sure to distribute any Registration Type verification codes to the appropriate exhibitors prior to opening registration.