Editing your Mobile App Appearance

Customize the way your Mobile App looks!

Path: Mobile App > Edit Appearance

The Edit Appearance function of the mobile app tab allows you to make changes to how the mobile app displays.

At each tab, make your selections and click "Save Settings & Preview". Click "Publish to Live" to finalize your selections and push them out to your app!


Add a Logo

Add a show logo to use as your app's header image (there are no specific size requirements, the image will be resized automatically for you).

Color Scheme

Specify or change the color scheme of your mobile app's buttons, links, and headers. You can enter specific hex color codes here.

Theme Styling

Style your app's theme by selecting the color effect that will affect the buttons and headers. You also have the option to choose rounded corners / add shadows for your buttons.

Reset Settings

Reset your mobile app to the system default style settings. 

Links & Embed

Direct links to mobile app pages and embeddable links for 3rd party apps.


  • You can use the color generator on the Color Scheme tab to specify the base for a color scheme that you�d like to apply inside your mobile app.