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Bank Routing Information

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Bank Routing Information - International and Domestic US


JPMorgan Chase Bank NA
270 Park Ave, New York, NY 10017-2014 United States
Payee: Nextech AR Solutions 
343 Soquel Ave #15, Santa Cruz CA 95062-2355 United States


Non-US International Wires:
Account: 4010141812

Routing/ABA: 021000021


US Domestic ACH:

Account: 4010141812

Routing/ACH: 322271627

Bank Routing International and US Domestic

Bank Routing Information - For Canadian EFT

Candian bank number: 0003

Transit number: 0010 (or use 00010 if a 5 digit # is required)
CAD Account number: 1219666 (or 000101219666)
Routing number: CC0003000010

Beneficiary Name: Nextech AR Solutions Corp

Beneficiary Address: 121 Richmond St W., Suite 501, Toronto, ON, M5H 2K1


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