Categories can be accessed by clicking the Categories heading on top of the ARitize 3D portal. 

Figure 45. The figure showing the location of the Categories heading. 

Categories show a list of categories that you have in the ARitize 3D portal. You can create a new category in your product lines by click the NEW CATEGORY button on the right-hand upper corner. 

Figure 46. The image illustrating the outlook of the Categories heading. 

Categories Listing 

Categories Listing includes Category Name, Number of Finish & Incoming Products, and Action. 

Category Name 

Category name represents the category of your products in the ARitize 3D portal. 

Number of Finish & Incoming Products 

Number of Finish & Incoming Products include all visible and processing jobs in the portal. 


Action consists of Delete and Edit action allowing you to remove a category or edit a category name. 

Figure 47. The image showing two options of the Action columns.