Type 2 Registration: Approve Exhibitor Booth Assignments

Most Show Managers use "first-come, first-served" (Type 1) registration where Exhibitors are automatically assigned the booth(s) they take through checkout.

However, this doesn't work for every show. some Show Managers prefer to have more of a say on which booths their Exhibitors end up. As Show Manager, you can set up registration so that booth assignments have to wait for your approval when an Exhibitor registers.

Path: Floorplan Sales & Services > Registration & Payment Settings
  • Once there, go to Required Settings Tab > Select a Registration Type > Registration Choices
  • Select ""Exhibitor Selects Booth Choice(s) - Show Manager Finalizes Assignment""  
  • Click Update Registration Settings

Now, when an exhibitor takes their booths through checkout, an order confirmation will be sent to you, but the Exhibitor won't automatically be assigned to any of their booth choices.

For the final step, you will need to go to the Map Editor and assign them to their booths!