Booth Snapshots

Booth Snapshots allow you to create a restore state of the booth positions in your map. Create a snapshot, then you can edit the map, and, if you make a mistake, come back to Booth Snapshots and replace the map with a snapshot you created.

Path: Booths Setup > Booth Snapshots


Create A Snapshot

  1. Go toBooths Setup> Booth Snapshots.
  2. Click the green Create New Snapshot button.
  3. Name your snapshot, and click Save Snapshot.

Restore A Snapshot


  1. Go toBooths Setup> Booth Snapshots.
  2. Select the snapshot that you would like to restore.
  3. Click Restore.
  4. Another window will appear to make sure you want to restore the snapshot, click the green Restore Snapshot.
  5. Snapshot will restore.


  • Restoring a snapshot will delete all the current booths, booth assignments, booth type designations, and positions for the selected map in order to restore the snapshot.