Create booth types

Create booth types


Our system uses Booth Types to indicate the price and dimensions of a booth on the map. Once you create a booth type, it can be assigned to booths on the map, and those booths will then sell for their associated booth type price. You can designate different colors for your booth types to differentiate between them.

There are a number of other things you can configure inside Booth Types:

  • Set up Pricing Tiers for a booth type to discount purchases that contain certain quantities of a single booth type.
  • Additional Pricing Options allow you to set up timed discounts like early bird discounts, and/or choose if they'll apply to specific member types as well as set up pricing tiers for those member types.
Note: Member types are set up in Registration & Orders> User Registration Types
  • Select whether Exhibitor Plus will be included with the booth, and list how many personnel will be included with a booth to which this booth type has been assigned.
  • Specify light or dark font colors for its booth number.

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Create a booth type


Path: Booths Setup> Booth Types

1. Click "Add New Record" and fill in the information under each section below:

Booth Information

  • Booth Type: Enter a category for your booths. Example - Sponsors, Reserved, etc.
  • Description: Enter a description. Note: Descriptions only show up during the Registration process.
  • Occupied Color:Select a color. Note: This will change the color on the occupied booth on the map.
  • Unoccupied Color: This booth will be slightly transparent to contrast between occupied and unoccupied so the color won't be exactly the same on the floorplan display.

Click here for more information on adding or updating the colors of the booths.

  • Dimensions: Enter the booth dimensions here. Note: Changing the dimensions on a booth type will not change the actual dimensions of any booths, only what the booth type dimensions read on the map. To change the actual dimensions of a booth, you must use theMap Editor.
  • Listed Order: This controls the order in which the booth types are listed on the left side menu of the map.

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Standard Pricing

List the price in the Standard Pricing tab, and include information for its Pricing Tiers, if you want.

You can set a different price per booth. Note: If a user purchases higher quantities, manual pricing on individual booths will be ignored.

Click here for additional information.


Additional Pricing Options

In Additional Pricing Options set any additional pricing options you want to apply to this booth type.
You can use this list to create additional pricing schemes based on a user's registration type, a date range, or a combination of both.
The price of the booth will check available alternate pricing in this order
1: User Type & Date Range
2: Date Range
3: User Type
4: If none of the above conditions exist, uses Standard Pricing
5. Set the font colors for this booth type and save your record.

Note: You can create user registration types for additional pricing options throughRegistration & Orders> User Registration Types.

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Exhibitor Plus Settings

  • Select whether Exhibitor Plus is included with the price of this booth.
  • Under 'Included Personnel,' you can mention how many booth personnel are included with the purchase of this booth type.

Note: This will override the system default quantity in the registration settings.