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Your Realtime Virtual Events. Now with AR.

Whether you need to host a full-featured conference, a keynote for a major product announcement, a virtual booth to welcome your partners, investors, and advocates, or remote training sessions, we are here to help you reach the heart of your audience, with our unique AR touch.


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Create larger-than-life events

With our powerful webcast solutions, create world-class virtual events and invite large crowds. Don’t worry about the room capacity, the logistics, the security, it’s all virtual, real-time and enhanced by a unique 3D AR experience

Create the ideal venue and stage and define the objects you’d like your audience to experience during your speech. It can be a video, a book, a biological sample, an appliance, a piece of furniture, a concept or prototype…


Engage with your Audience Like Never Before

With AR, your imagination is the limit. We can invent new ways of interacting with your audience, from playing with an object, visiting a virtual booth, stage or parallel dimension, activating features or menus… We help you design the perfect experience!

Ideal for meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions, tradeshows, product launches, virtual classrooms, and training workshops!


Give your products a new dimension

While you are delivering your live content, attendees can use our app to scan a QR code and access the exact same product experience in the comfort of their home or remote location. All thanks to augmented reality.

Thousands of attendees can pinch, rotate, zoom, cast your products in their place and explore them from all angles at the same moment.

Enhance your video or live event with Augmented Reality


Augment your physical presence

With AR webcast, possibilities are almost endless: you might want to add an AR component to a physical event, to reach a larger audience and guests who could not personally attend. Your booth or stage can then be visited by local and remote attendees, and both can use the QR code to cast an object and experience it the way they like!


The old way of marketing.Rocks_OldwayImages_002


The better way.

Say goodbye to boring flat photos and say hello to truly engaging content. With 3D/AR, everyone from investors to clients can see and experience core samples or products from every angle. And with the ability to zoom into these assets, you can examine the smallest of details and features. Who would want photos when you can have better with 3D/AR?




Attract investors with, the latest tech.

Enhance and accelerate the purchase process.


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Learn how augmented reality can enhance customer product engagement, increase add to cart rates and sales, reduce returns, and build powerful and profitable brands.