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Let Recruiters and Candidates Find their Perfect Match

  • Virtual lobby and exhibit hall for easy access and navigation

  • Custom booths for recruiters and HR partners

  • Networking features and chat to facilitate connections between employers and job seekers

  • Sponsorship opportunities for exhibitors, partners, sponsors, and speakers

  • Professional webcast production for your speakers and conferences

  • Bespoke event design and agenda

  • Analytics and reporting to measure the success of your recruiting event

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Virtual Environments Designed to Meet Your Needs

  • Custom design: let our designers create the perfect experience for your attendees

  • Individual booths: let each organization show their brand, videos,  content and values to attract the best talents
  • Make it unique: build your agenda to punctuate your event with featured conferences and speakers
  • Encourage networking: with contact buttons and chat features, recruiters and attendees can choose how they want to interact. They can even jump on a private Zoom (or other conferencing tools) session in one click!

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Create Value for Sponsors, Partners, Exhibitors and Recruiters

  • Sponsors Packages: We'll help you design sponsor packages to make sure they get the best visibility in their desired section of the event.

  • Event Promotion and Advertising: use our ad platform and in-stream video ads to highlight sponsors, partners, and premium exhibitors before, during, and after your event with programmatic display ads and remarketing.

  • Return on Investment: make your event profitable and measure your success through media and sponsor analytics.

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See how Jobs Canada leveraged our platform for their 2020 fairs:

Host Interactive Group Webinars and Presentations

  • Distribute live and/or pre-recorded webinars during your virtual career fair to scale your reach to hundreds or thousands of job seekers at the same time.

  • Inspire to attract the best talents: Present industry relevant topics or promote your corporate culture, your mission, and your vision to attract the right qualified recruits.

  • Offer Live Q&A sessions that give you an ability to encourage group wide meaningful engagement.

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Content Sharing Made Easy

  • Provide quality digital collateral — such as videos, brochures and presentations to your career fair attendees.

  • Live or on-demand: Allow attendees to access, reference, and share collaterals even days after they attended your event.

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The old way of marketing.Rocks_OldwayImages_002


The better way.

Say goodbye to boring flat photos and say hello to truly engaging content. With 3D/AR, everyone from investors to clients can see and experience core samples or products from every angle. And with the ability to zoom into these assets, you can examine the smallest of details and features. Who would want photos when you can have better with 3D/AR?




Attract investors with, the latest tech.

Enhance and accelerate the purchase process.


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