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Learn how ARitize360™ works, and follow these simple techniques our team has established to achieve the best results for your capture.



How Does ARitize360™ Work?

ARitize360™ automates the process of creating realistic 3D models using bleeding-edge AI technology.
Use ARitize360™ effortlessly to create stunning 3D models in 3 easy steps.


Step 1:

Scan the product with your mobile device


Step 2:

Upload your scan to our servers for processing.


Step 3:

Receive an email link to your model preview

Capture Techniques & Best Practices

Our team has come up with several techniques to help you achieve the best capture of your shoe. View these instructional videos and follow these simple suggestions explained below for the best capture results.


We recommend using these items to make capturing easier and to improve your overall results.
Don’t worry if you don’t have these items - you can still achieve great capture results without them






Light Box

*You can find these items for purchase at your local camera store or online.

Capture Setup

With a Light Box & Turntable: Put the turntable inside the light box, and place your shoe in the center of the turntable. If you wish to capture the bottom of the shoe, place it on a transparent platform to separate it from the turntable and give it height.

Group 44-1

Without a Light Box & Turntable: Place the shoe on a platform or on a small table so you can encircle it with ease. Your shoe should sit high enough so you can capture the base but not so high that you can’t capture the top. Placing the shoe on a transparent platform is advised if capturing the bottom is important.

Group 50


Soft even lighting will result in a better capture. Try shooting with a light box or diffused studio lighting. If that isn’t an option, try shooting outdoors on an overcast day.







What to Avoid: When lighting your shoe, you’ll want to avoid harsh shadows, hot or bright spots, and shooting with bright windows in the background.







Shooting Environments

When shooting patterned or textured shoes, it’s best to have a background free from noise and other objects if possible. Try to avoid repetitive backgrounds and windows with harsh light streaming in.



Shiny, reflective or glittery shoes can be challenging to capture. Use a patterned background and base to help align the cameras for processing. This could be a wood cutting board, a printed pillowcase, or patterned paper.

asset2 for daizy


Recording Techniques

Group 39

Once everything is set up, select which mode to shoot in. Portrait mode works best for taller types of footwear like boots. Landscape works best for shorter types of footwear like running shoes.

asset for daizy - 360 capture techniques

Give yourself space to smoothly and consistently orbit the shoe.
Take 1 step per second while walking around the shoe. It is recommended you film your shoe for 2-4 minutes, with a minimum requirement of 2 minutes. If using a turntable set the speed to complete one 360° rotation per minute.


loops around boot diagram

To capture every visible surface of the shoe, you will need to capture at least 3-4 angles: The bird’s eye-view, the top, middle, and bottom. ARitize360™ cannot model what hasn’t been captured. It is important to capture all surfaces of your shoe. Don’t be afraid to get up close to areas where there are fine details


shoe on side

If capturing the sole of your shoe is important, pause the recording, turn the shoe on its side and resume capturing.

ZIgZag cowboy boot diagram

When capturing footwear with an intricate pattern, move your camera in an up and down motion as you orbit, rather than one consistent spiral down the shoe. This helps to capture even the smallest of details.

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