ARitize™ Retail Showroom

Our technology is enhancing in-store shopping.

Augmented reality provides customers with the best of both worlds.

It combines what we love about shopping online — choice, convenience, ratings and reviews — with the benefits of being in-store — browsing the product, being entertained, chatting to staff and even trying things on.

Brick and mortar stores still represent 85% of retail sales

Merging online and offline shopping into one seamless experience, ARitize™ Retail Showroom optimizes the customer’s path to purchase. ARitize™ Retail Showroom can be used to transform product launches, reinvent product displays, and connect customers’ with virtual personal shoppers.

Embrace the new world of retail

Driving brand loyalty, engagement and conversion, ARitize™ Retail Showroom offers endless possibilities in the experience economy.

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