NexTech AR Solutions is:

Education & Product Training Unbound

Use the power of augmented reality hologram learning objects and lesson packs to deliver better and more engaging product training experiences for your customers.

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Product and service training can be costly. With AR University, clients can provide product knowledge in

less time, at less cost, and in a more engaging way. 


Learn more. Learn fast.

Benefit from the power of AR to communicate more information in less time and less cost.


Make it easy. Make it fun.

Replace frustrating traditional product directions with an engaging and interactive AR hologram guide.


Make them love you.

Use AR Holograms and learning objects to better explain product use within an immersive brand experience.


AR University Lesson Packs: Built For Better Learning

Education delivery can be catered to different learning styles and a wide audience. Pair your current company collateral – photos, graphics, videos, documents, websites – with interactive AR, 3D holograms and detailed 3D objects. Create unique experiences such as:


Engaging Interactive Lessons

  • Create step-by-step user guides for any product, in any industry

  • Provide a greater depth of information than traditional print or pdf guides

Comprehensive Product Training

  • Achieve higher levels of customer engagement

  • Onboard new employees faster

  • Explain products through detailed 3D objects and a personal AR hologram assistant

Custom Branded Programs

  • Develop custom learning packs

  • Create Augmented Reality learning objects

  • Use your brand with white-labeled interfaces

  • Deploy on our ready-to-use ARitize app


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AR University Learning Objects

Hologram assisted learning offers faster more engaged learning. Our Augmented Reality (AR) lessons are richer forms of education. They provide a greater depth of access to the tools and information necessary to take away a deeper understanding of any subject matter.

AR Learning Objects (LOBS) are no exception. Hologram brand ambassadors teaching classes on any and all subjects, with step-by-step guides of 3D exploded-view objects in greater detail than ever experienced before. The best part? It’s fully brand-able, shareable, and easy-to-use.


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“From our website to your backyard, there is no better way to appreciate all the ways you can use a Mr. Steak BBQ than first experiencing it in AR.”
- Mick Scully, Founder, Mr. Steak

Mr. Steak used NexTech's Learning Objects and Lesson Packs to craft a unique and engaging product use experience for its customers. The result? It increased customer product usage and satisfaction levels.

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