Add Meeting Links


Meeting links display inside the booth. You have the option to add live meeting links such as Zoom, or links that will invite the attendee to book a meeting, such as Calendly.


Path: Exhibitors > Exhibitors Lists
  • Add a new Exhibitor by clicking on the 'Add New Record' or select an Exhibitor from your Exhibitors list
  • Click on the 'Contact Us' section
  • If the Exhibitor wants the attendees to attend a live meeting, enter the live meeting URL under 'Live Meeting Link'
  • If Exhibitors want their attendees to book a meeting or appointment with them, enter the meeting link under 'Book a meeting.'
  • Click on 'Save Record'


  • You can add meeting links for both meeting link options. This will display inside the booth in the Exhibitors Profile.
  • Ensure that you use the full web link starting with https://