Admin: How to add a user


There are two types of user access levels:

Admin Access Levels

The different types of Admin access levels are:

  • Development
  • Sales
  • Map D and Nextech internal
  • Ads Management


Client Access Levels

The different types of client access levels are:

  • Accounting
  • Show Manager
  • Manage: Schedule Data
  • Map Editor
  • Exhibitor
  • Speaker
  • Manager: Speakers and Logins
  • Advisory Clients


To add a user, navigate to the path below

Path: Administrative Tools > Clients & Shows > Admin Users
  • Click on 'Add New Record'
  • Fill in the user's details under 'Enter Information'
  • Go to the 'Group Associations' tab and select the 'client company' that this user needs to be assigned to.
  • If the user is assigned to other companies, enter the client sub-company and check the boxes listed for the other sub-companies.
  • Then select the user access level by checking the boxes below.
  • The next tab 'Extended Profile Info,' is optional. You can enter the user's contact and social media details.
  • Once you've entered all the details, click on 'Save Record'


  • Nextech (internal) access should only be given to Nextech AR employees.
  • To edit the user access level for a user, navigate to the path above and search for the user. Then click on 'Group Associations' and select the access level that you want to assign to the user.