Q&A: Enable Q&A


The Q&A (Questions & Answers) panel displays when a session is live in the Mainstage, provided that the session has Q&A enabled and is set to display on the Mainstage.

Attendees can post questions that are directed to the Moderator.

To enable the Q&A feature, refer to the steps below:


Path: Speakers & Schedule > Schedule & Schedule Tools > Schedule
  • Select the schedule from the list or click to add a new schedule
  • Go to the Q&A tab and select 'yes' to turn on Q&A.
  • If you need to allow users to post questions anonymously, turn the 'Allow users to ask anonymously' option on. Click here for more details.


The Q&A panel will not show up if the session is not live. Ensure that the dates and times set under 'Activity details' in the schedule are current.