Feedback Reporting

Feedback reporting gives you the option to receive feedback on speakers and sessions. You can also view the attendees that have requested to be contacted. If you prefer, you have the option to print the reports for each of the tabs and share them with the respective speakers and event organizers.

To view the feedback reports, go to:

Path: Speakers & Schedule > Feedback Reporting

Here there are three tabs:


If you click on Speakers, you will find a list of all speakers that had at least 1 session associated with them. Click on the "View Full Profile" button to view all speaker responses.


Here you will find a list of all scheduled sessions that had the 'Allow Feedback' setting turned on. Click on the session title to view all the session responses.

You can turn the 'Allow feedback' feature on to receive feedback on the sessions.

To do so, navigate to the path below:

Path: Speakers & Schedule > Schedule & Schedule Tools > Schedule
  • You can select a schedule from the list below or add a new schedule.
  • In the 'Activity details' turn the 'Allow Feedback' option on. Note: Feedback will only show up after the session has started.

"Contact Me" Requests

The below list are individuals that have specifically requested to be contacted based on their feedback.