Set up the Mainstage


The Event Mainstage is the place where attendees can watch live streams, pre-recorded videos, and participate in sessions.

You can have one or more Mainstages. If you need to enable the Mainstage, have more than one Mainstage, and or rename the Mainstage, please get in touch with your Account Executive.

To customize the Mainstage, refer to the Mainstage section in this article here.

To add multiple Mainstages, refer to the steps below:


Path: Speakers & Schedule > Schedule & Schedule Tools > Mainstages 
  • Click on 'Add New Record'
  • Upload a preview image and write a short description under 'Enter Information.'
  • In the next tab, 'Main Profile Info,' enter a Mainstage name.
  • Indicate whether you want to display your Sponsor logos.
  • Under 'Design Customizations,' you can customize each Mainstage if you have multiple Mainstages or you can set this to default customizations in the Settings Control Panel.

To customize each Mainstage, you have the following options available:

  • Page Background. Size dimensions: 1600 w x 1024 h. Format:.jpg, .png, .gif
  • Placeholder Image: This image will display when there are no active presentations running.
  • Placeholder Message: Write to your attendees about the various presentations occurring at your event.

Once you added and customized your Mainstages, you can go back to the session in your schedule and assign your session to the Mainstage you want it displayed on.


Path: Speakers & Schedule > Schedule & Schedule Tools > Schedule > Add a new schedule or select a session > go to Mainstage
  • Choose if you want to display this session in the Mainstage
  • Select the Mainstage you want the session displayed. If you have one Mainstage only, leave this section blank. To add multiple mainstages, contact your Account Representative.
  • Under the source type, choose whether this is a video link or a custom stream source.
  • Select the video source.
  • Enter the full URL of the video link.
  • Click on 'Save Record.

If you want to hide the Mainstage video for a particular ticket type, follow the path below:

Path: Attendees & Ticketing > Ticket Types


  • Select the ticket type from the list below
  • Go to "LiveX" and choose whether you want to hide the Mainstage video