Schedule Tracks

Show managers can organize their schedules into categories and provide additional information about events at a glance. Schedule Tracks allow you to distinguish scheduled events from each other. This is optional. Once you set up the categories or scheduled tracks, you would then assign a scheduled event to the corresponding track.

Path: Speakers & Schedule > Schedule & Schedule Tools > Schedule Tracks 


  • Navigate to the above path and add a new record
  • Under 'Enter Information' set a title for the track.
  • Listed order- This is optional. This order is used when you have non-scheduled or ongoing events and you would like to have the groupings presented in a specific order.

Now, when you create an event for the schedule, you can assign it to one of the tracks you created.


  • Scheduled Tracks are optional.
  • Setting colors to distinguish tracks and 'Access Restrictions' are currently unavailable.