Set up Poster Sessions


Aposter session, at an event, is the presentation of information in the form of a poster that event participants may view. A poster sessionis aneventat which many suchposters are presented. Authors, bloggers, researchers, etc., can expose their works through poster sessions at an event.

Poster sessions can be grouped by categories so that when attendees search for a particular topic, posters for those categories will display.

Attendees can also bookmark their favorite poster sessions and that will appear in their profile under 'Bookmarks.'

In order to enable poster sessions for an event, the feature needs to be turned on or enabled in the admin backend. Here, you can also rename the poster sessions page.

Once poster sessions are enabled, you can add records for poster session categories, authors, and posters.

Once you've added these records go on to customizing the display of your poster sessions page!

1. Activate the Poster Sessions Page and change the name of the page if required

To enable or activate the Poster Sessions page so that it displays to your attendees, you need to turn it on in the backend. To do so, go to 'Show Setup & Settings > Settings Control Panel > Event Profile Setup > Section Names & Status > Poster Sessions > Turn on or off

Here you can update the name of the page.

2. To add categories to display your poster sessions, go here

3. To add authors, refer to this article.

Once you've added them, you can link the authors to their related posters when you add the poster records (see steps below).

4. Add Poster Sessions

Path: Speakers & Schedule > Poster Sessions & Setup > Poster Sessions


  • Click on 'Add New Record'
  • Under 'Enter Information,' enter the title for your poster, publication date, details, and related keywords.
  • Select the category for this poster. If you do not have categories set up, click here to set this up.
  • Upload a thumbnail image. Size dimensions: 316 px x 210 px
  • Upload a presentation image. Note: The presentation image will only appear once you have uploaded an abstract file. PDF files are recommended.
  • Select the author from the drop-down. If you need to add or update authors, click here.
  • Under 'Additional Resources,' you can enter the Calendar or Live Meeting link only.
  • In the next tab, 'Contacts,' you can add a contact by filling in their information.
  • Click on 'Save Record.'

5. Customize your Poster Sessions page

To customize your poster sessions page, go to 'Show Setup & Settings > Settings Control Panel > Customizations Per Section > Poster Sessions

Refer to this link for more information.


When entering information for a poster session in the 'details' box, under 'Enter Information,' enter the details manually, rather than copying sentences from an external website. When you copy an article and paste it directly into the details box, some punctuation might appear as symbols. You can correct it by deleting the punctuation and entering it manually.