Enable Schedule Check-ins


Check-ins allow you to track who attended certain scheduled sessions. When creating a session in the schedule, you have the option to allow check-ins for that event .
Admins and Show Managers can turn on Schedule Check-ins for each or all sessions that appear in the Schedule.
By enabling the 'Schedule check-in' option, the attendee can check-in an hour before each session begins. These check-ins can be tracked for one session or for all sessions and the attendance records can be downloaded.
If any of your scheduled sessions have the "Allow Check-ins" feature turned on, all the attendees that have checked in for those sessions will be displayed under 'Speakers & Schedule > Schedule & Schedule Tools > Schedule Check-ins.'
You also have the option to download all the attendance records. To export the schedule check-in data, click the Download all records button in the top righthand corner of the page
If you need to manually check-in attendees, you can do so by clicking on 'Add New Record.'
Under 'Schedule Session,' select the session or schedule that the attendee attended and fill in their details.
To enable or disable 'Check-ins' for an existing schedule, go to 'Speakers & Schedule > Schedule & Schedule Tools >Schedule.
Then select the schedule from the list below and under 'Activity Details' choose if you want the 'Allow Check-in' to be turned on or off.