Add a ticket type

In order to sell event tickets, you need to add a ticket type and enable ticketing.

Add a Ticket Type


Path: Attendees & Ticketing (New!) > Ticket Types > Add New Record
  • Click on 'Add New Record'

Under 'Ticket Information'

  • Enter a ticket title
  • Enter a ticket description (Example - Who is it for? What does it include? What does an attendee purchasing this ticket need to know?)
  • Enter the price of the ticket (Enter numbers only). If this is not a paid event, enter 0
  • Enter the deactivation date or when you want ticket purchases disabled
  • Select yes or no to indicate whether this ticket is active and available for purchase
  • Select the 'Hidden' button to hide tickets from the public view. You can still sell tickets through a special link.
  • If you have multiple tickets, you can list them in order from 0-10 under 'Listed order.' For example, "VIP tickets" will be displayed on the top, "General Admission" tickets are displayed below the VIP tickets. This is optional.
  • Click on 'Save Record' once you've completed the above steps

Under 'Inventory & Access'

  • Indicate whether there is a limited inventory by selecting 'Yes' or 'No' under 'Limited Inventory'
  • If you selected 'Yes' to 'Limited Inventory', enter the total number of tickets that are available for your event. Use numbers only.
  • You can set a limit to specific tracks so that attendees with a particular ticket type can only access certain sessions only. This is optional.
  • Click on 'Save Record'

In the next tab - LiveX only, you have the option to hide the Mainstage video.

Next Steps