Booth Design

Customize your booth!

You can customize your booths by adding an image, a QR code, a background image and a bottom corner promo image.

Path: Exhibitors > Exhibitor list > Add new record > Booth design
  • Booth Image (optional): This will appear with the "Booth" tab and is meant to be a visual representation of your in-person booth. Dimensions: 854 w x 536 h.
  • QR Code Image (optional): You can upload a transparent .png file or have the background of your image set to white. Dimensions: 144 px w x 144 px h.
  • Booth Background Image (optional): Accepted formats: .png, .jpg and .gif. Dimensions: 1600 px w x 1024 px x h.
  • Bottom Corner Promo Image (optional): You can upload a transparent .png. Dimensions: 428 px w x 400 px h.