Manage Attendees - Attendee Access Manager

After you've imported your Attendees, the next step is togive (or block) Attendees access to their Attendee Profile for your show, and also allows you to choose which features they can use.

Path: Attendees & Ticketing > Attendee Access Manager

Attendees List & Access Options

Here, you'll see a list of your Attendees, and be able to specify what levels of access they have in your show.

You can restrict access to - and display of - certain features for Attendees individually or in bulk, or lock off Attendee access to their accounts altogether!

From left to right, these are the items and options you see on the Account List:

  • Attendee: Attendee name.
  • Email: Email address Attendee uses for login.
  • Assigned Ticket: Manually assign a ticket type to the Attendee to skip the registration process.
  • Hide Entire Profile (on/off): Hide an Attendee's entire Profile inside Event Home Base.
  • Hide Contact Info (on/off): Hide an Attendee's Contact Info inside Event Home Base.
  • Account Status:Shows if an Attendee account has been set up or not. Will either read "No login setup", "Missing Email", or "All set!", depending on account status.
  • Locked (on/off): Locking an account still allows the Attendee to log into Event Home Base and see content, but it prevents them from editing their profile, posting in Discussions, or engaging in Chats with other Attendees or Vendors.
  • Password Reset: Reset an Attendee's password and send them an email with the new password.