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Speaker records allow your speakers to create their bios and list their contact information and social media links in their profile. Speaker records are displayed on the Speakers page.

You can also attach related exhibitors and sponsors.
Once you've added your speaker records, you can also go into sessions listed in the schedule and assign them to corresponding sessions as related speakers. Note: You have to add sessions first.

You can add Speakers to your events by either

Adding Speakers Individually

Path: Speakers & Schedule > Speakers List & Tools > Speakers

Click on 'Add New Record' Here there are four tabs:

Enter Information

  • In the 'Enter Information' tab, fill in Speaker's details like their name, Organization, email address, bio, and upload their profile image (jpg, .gif, or .png format).
  • Keynote indicates if this is a Keynote speaker.
  • Listed order is optional. This can be used to list your Speakers in a specific order (use numeric values only).

Contact & social media

  • Add contact information and social media links here

Related Exhibitors

  • In this tab, you can add an exhibitor from your exhibitor list to a speaker profile, which means that if a speaker is also an exhibitor and has a profile, you can add the related exhibitor here.

    In order to see the related exhibitors, you will need to save the entire speaker page first.

    Link Exhibitors to your Speaker
    • Choose an exhibitor from your exhibitors list and specify the relation.
    • Create as many as you'd like.


  • Analytics for the speaker are available by clicking on the "Stats" tab.

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Performing a bulk import

You can choose to import a .CSV file of your Speakers and upload it in bulk.

Path: Speakers & Schedule > Speakers List & Tools > Speakers Importer


You can either import all records as new records or replace your existing records with a new import.

Note: Delete all existing records will permanently delete all your existing speaker records.

It is recommended to download the template of the .csv file, save it to your desktop and then populate your speaker records in the order of the template. Once you've added the records, you can come back to this screen and upload your .csv file.


  • If an import is abandoned after uploading the .csv file, the records from that upload will remain in the list. It is recommended that you Delete these Records from the listing to ensure that they are not accidentally imported later.

Next Steps

Invite your Speakers to set up their accounts!