Feature Sponsors

Give your Sponsors some Exposure!

Give your sponsors more exposure on your map and in your show by setting upthe?displaying them on the Home page.

After you've created your? Sponsorship levels?and?added your Sponsors, you can customizethe sponsor section on the welcome page by going to ?

Path: Show Setup & Settings > Settings Control Panel > Customizations per Section> Welcome Page
  • Enter a title to call out your sponsors. This title will appear the same on all Virtual Venue pages (up to 50 characters).
  • Select Which Sponsors? you want to display or select all of them.
  • You can also opt to display your Sponsors logo
  • Click 'Save Settings'

You can also display your sponsor's logos on the other pages by going to:

Path:Show Setup & Settings>Settings Control Panel >Customizations per Section?

Here, you can display your Sponsor's logos on the following pages by turning the feature on:

  • Mainstage
  • Schedule
  • Speakers
  • Poster Sessions
  • Marketplace
  • Attendees
  • Discussions

Note: You need to have sponsors with logos entered into the system. For more information on adding sponsors, click here.