Add Location Lists

Create a list of locations surrounding your show. Examples of Locations Lists could be Dine-Arounds, Local Activities, Area Hotels, or any other list of destinations relevant to your event.


Add a Location List

Path: Mobile App> Locations Lists
  1. Click Add New Record.
  2. Under 'List Information,' title your new Location List (ex. "Dine-Around"), add in a description, upload an image and turn on or off the 'Show Map' option provided you have addresses or lat/lon available.
  3. Click "Save Record".

Add Individual Listings within a Location List

  1. Click on your Location List.
  2. Click Individual Listings tab.
  3. Click Add New Record.
  4. Add information for the Individual Listing.
  5. Click "Save Changes".


  • The locations appear in the app in alphabetical order.
  • You can add related sponsors to your individual listings.
  • You will need to save a location list before adding individual listings