Add a Payment Gateway for Ticket Sales

Event Organizers have the option to enable or disable ticket sales for their event.

Path: Show Settings & Setup > Settings Control Panel > Ticketing

If you enable ticket sales, you need to connect a Payment Gateway for your attendees to buy tickets!

Current payment processor selections are:

Using this method attendees will purchase everything online using their credit card. You need to enter your Transaction Key and API login ID.

Finding your Login ID and Transaction Key
1. Go to and log in using the merchant warehouse account
2. Under ACCOUNT on the lower left menu, click 'Settings'
3. Under SECURITY click on 'API Login ID and Transaction Key'
4. Answer the secret question, hit submit. Should reveal the API Login ID and Transaction Key.


Using this method your attendees will be directed to the PayPal checkout screen after submitting their order. PayPal will handle the payment transactions and you will receive an order confirmation from both LiveX and PayPal.
Note: For Paypal, enter the PayPal client ID (email address used to login to PayPal).


Using this method attendees will purchase everything online and payments will be processed through your Stripe account. You will need to enter your Stripe Secret Key and Publishable Key.