Event Profile Setup


The Event Profile Setup tab allows you to update your company logo, event title, event start and end times, and add general event information. Navigate to the path below:

Path: Show Setup & Settings > Settings Control Panel > Event Profile Setup

Under Event Profile, there are three tabs:

Profile Information

Below are the sub-tabs under Profile Information.

Company logo

  • This logo will appear in the top left corner of the event.
  • Required dimensions: 250 w x 80 h. The image should be transparent and in PNG format.

Event title

  • You can update the event title here


  • If it's a virtual event, you can enter 'virtual'

City & State

  • Enter the city, and state

Event start & end dates

  • Enter the event start and end dates

Currency display

  • Select the currency for your event

Event website

  • Enter the URL for your event

Public contact information

  • Enter the contact information for your attendees

General information (mobile app)

  • This is for the mobile app only and appears on the 'Show Profile Information' page.

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Section names and stats

These settings control the name of each tab in the public view of your event and which ones are currently active. You can rename each of the below tabs to display a different name and you can also enable or disable these tabs below.


  • This is your "Welcome" page.


  • This is your Interactive Map. Note: This should only be enabled if you purchased a floor plan for your event.


  • This is where the agenda or scheduled sessions are listed. To add a schedule, refer to this article.

Poster Sessions

  • This is where your posters will bedisplayed. Note: This page should be turned off if you do not have posters. For more information on Poster Sessions, refer to this article.


  • This page highlights your Speakers or Presenters. To set up speakers refer to this article.


  • This is where your Exhibitor listings will appear.


  • This page displays the guests or attendees attending the event. Note: Attendees have an option to hide their profiles when they register for yourevent.

Discussions (Currently not available)

Active Status

Active Eventindicates if the event is active or not. It is recommended to keep this turned on.

If you deactivate your event, this will delete the URL of your event. Show managers will still have access to the event, and no data will be lost in case you decide to do so.


  • Certain tabs will not display if content for those tabs are not available, such as the Marketplace or the Floorplan, even if they are turned 'on'.
  • When re-naming the pages, there is a limit of up to 20 characters.