Floorplan Settings

Floorplan Settings

If you've purchased a Floorplan, you can adjust the display of your Exhibitors and booth types on your map.

Path: Show Settings & Setup > Settings Control Panel > Floorplan

Occupancy & Display

These settings will apply globally to all Exhibitors. They affect the desktop map view, booth roll-over, and Exhibitor list.



  • Turning 'Hide Exhibitors' on will show your booths as occupied, but will not display any Exhibitor information on the map. They will display in the map editor view.
  • Turning 'Hide Booth Types' on will hide the booth type colors and the map legend from the public view, but they will be visible in the map editor view.
  • 'Display Booth Occupancy'provides an override on the standard occupancy display of your booths. There are three options to select from:
  1. As normal, based on occupants
  2. All as empty
  3. All as full