Set up a Payment Processor


Set up a payment processor to enable online payments

You can choose from a list of supported payment processors to set up online payments for your show inside LiveX. There are many options to choose from when it comes to selecting a payment processor.


  • Before you can set up your payment processor in the LiveX admin, you must already have an account set up with that payment processor.
  • If you enable 'Ticketing' (attendees to purchase tickets), please click here for more details.

Payment Processor Selection

Select a payment gateway option for checkout, and enter your payment gateway's credentials.

  • PayPal: Using this method your exhibitors will be directed to the PayPal checkout screen after submitting their order. PayPal will handle the payment transactions and you will receive an order confirmation from both LiveX and PayPal.
    Note: For Paypal, we only need the email address attached to the client
  • Using this method exhibitors will purchase everything online using their credit cards. You need to enter your Transaction Key and API login ID.


Path: Registration Settings > Required Settings > Payment Processor Selection
  1. Enter the required login credentials associated with the account of the processor you selected.
  2. Save changes.


  • All money processed via a payment processor is handled by that processor alone.
  • Any refunds you may need to make on an order must be made directly from your payment processors website or app, then noted or changed inside the order.