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Augmented Reality Solutions for Education

Use impactful visual training in an Augmented Reality (AR) environment for a hands-on application of course material. Apply our AR science labs to your curriculum to enrich your online classroom.


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Add a virtual learning environment to your institution and don't skip a beat with the help of AR learning labs.


We have virtual and AR solutions to fit your educational requirements for an engaging learning experience.

Augmented Reality Learning Labs

Allow students to pinch, zoom and rotate equipment in a 3D, AR lab for a fully immersive learning experience.

Host Classes Online

Connect with students from anywhere with customizable and collaborative online courses and workshops.

Campus Maps and Virtual Tours

Offer interactive maps and tours throughout your campus to give students the best experience.

Education Fairs & Graduation Ceremonies

Host virtual experiences with holograms and live streams combined for guests, students and family members to enjoy.

Our education-supporting platforms at a glance



Take advantage of our ARitize Events platform to host graduation ceremonies, online learning courses, or live lectures with Q&A.

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Learn more about our selection of Augmented Reality learning labs. Browse our collection and improve your institution’s virtual learning experience.

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Use MapD to create detailed campus maps for your students. Feature neighborhood hotspots, or important locations your students should know about.

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How you can improve your institution with our
education solutions




Host classes online

  • Enable students to take courses and workshops online, in a fully customizable and collaborative environment.

  • Create lab experiences with live demos, Augmented Reality objects that are accessible from anywhere.

  • Manage course content and downloadable resources.

  • Ensure interactivity with Q&A and live sessions.


Drive interaction and engagement with educator holograms & AR learning labs

  • Use Augmented Reality to keep students engaged and provide detailed explanations of models and course material.

  • In a 3D, AR Lab, students can pinch, zoom, and rotate equipment related to the course, for a fully immersive learning experience.

  • Eliminate the lab partner problem and allow students to participate in labs from anywhere.

  • Make your labs just as engaging as before, and have step-by-step walkthroughs to ensure a complete understanding of content.






Offer virtual tours or interactive maps for students on campus

  • Give virtual tours of your facilities on mobile devices using 360-degree videos.

  • Reach potential students globally, as they're now able to tour your campus without being there in person.

  • Use our Map D platform to create interactive campus maps for your students so they to get the best experience while exploring campus grounds.


Increase student enrollment with education fairs, or celebrate student success with virtual graduation ceremonies

  • Organize education fairs and host Open Days virtually to connect with students globally and increase enrollment.

  • Host virtual graduation events with holograms and live streams combined so guests or family members can watch their loved ones’ graduation ceremonies from any location.



Take a look at some of our Augmented Learning labs

BLG 143: Peptides

Using the AR peptide model to visualize how a peptide bends and folds in 3D space when placed in different environments.


BLG 143: Microscope

How to use the microscope, and prepare a wet mount slide with an emphasis on the comparison between plant and animal cells.



The goal of this experience is to augment the laboratory assignment by showing students how the spectrophotometer internally functions when processing a sample. Often these instruments seem like a black box, so by allowing the students to “pop the top” they can gain more understanding of how these devices work.

BLG151: Culture Media

 Preparation of Culture Media, AR experience description: Inoculation of different media plates, incubation and seeing results after incubation, Streak plate of their Unknown Mixed Culture



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