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Aug 21, 2018 5:58:32 PM

In celebration of the global launch of the New Balance X-90 Knit, a sneaker that combines the best of the 90s with 2018 street style, New Balance and Foot Locker celebrated the launch of their “Rewind to the 90s” Pop-Up by leveraging NexTech technologies to turn guest into 90s themed holograms.

Designed by Stadium Status Group, the Pop-Up experience takes visitors back to interact with decade-relevant products, music, TV, and fashion. The series of themed spaces include a Koosh ball pit, Nickelodeon Double Dare photo moment, a SNICK lounge, 90s arcade games; and actors provided by Meta walked through the space to create a fully immersive 90s experience

Completing the 90’s themed experiences exhibited at the Pop Up, our innovative technology amplified the visitor experience with an interactive holographic studio.

With the help of Foot Locker, Guest in attendance had the opportunity to try on the new New Balance X 90, then adorn 90s themed clothing and props before being holoported back in time as holograms.

Once properly dressed, guest stepped into our capture studio where our patented technology allowed New Balance to holoport participants back in time as 90s holograms.

Our social media sharing station featured holograms of guest on our H 10 Display screens. A lot of fun was had taking pictures and videos by all. Our ability to have guest share their experiences via social media contributed greatly to the the engengagement of the #rewindtothe90s hashtag campaign.

And what 90s pop up experience would be complete without a few of our favorite celebrities from the 90s. Even Ben Savage, best known for his role as Cory in “Boy Meets World” and Jaleel White, also known as Steve Urkel from “Family Matters”, had to get in on the hologram fun.

“New Balance’s newest model, the X-90, is a great opportunity for Foot Locker to nostalgically immerse our LA consumers into the decade,” said Patrick Walsh, VP of Marketing for Foot Locker North America. “The pop-up is not only a store but an experiential space, reminiscent of 90s youth culture.”With over +500 captures during the duration of the Pop Up, our patented holographic telepresence technology uniquely enabled New Balance to bring guest childhood fantasies of becoming a hologram to life.“Working with NexTech AR was a great experience – they were easy to work with and the hologram was a real highlight of the event and a key part of the activation. It added an engaging, shareable, unique piece of content that we haven’t seen in the footwear industry. New Balance was excited to have the opportunity to bring it to consumers!” said Katie Murphy, Marketing Manager at New balance.

Our team had a blast spending the week in the 90’s! Special thanks to New Balance, Stadium Status, Foot Locker, Nickelodeon, Think Tank Gallery and our new friends from #Metaforyou.


Written by NexTech


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