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Convert 400% More Shoppers To Buyers With ARitize

Sep 2, 2019 11:25:38 AM

Vacuum Cleaner Market sold more Miele vacuum cleaners in one week than in the prior month, using ARitize.

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Case Study 2: Vacuum Cleaner Market (VCM)

Huge brands aren’t the only ones reaping the benefits of AR solutions. Small businesses such as Vacuum Cleaner Market are taking action too. The world of Household Vacuum Cleaners Industry is expected to reach $16, 657 million by 2022 due to the growing population and rising consumer expenditure across the globe. Therefore, vacuum-cleaning companies are finding innovative ways to increase customer experience and at the same time increase sales. One way to achieve this is to include technologically advanced products using AR platforms

The leading online retailer for Vacuums and Vacuum supplies generates over 2.4 M in revenue annually. With such a level of growth, it’s clear that they understand the concept of increasing conversions to make more sales on their site. Hence the need to have an AR system in place to help convert shoppers to buyers.


Integrated ‘Try-it-on’ features to allow users to view a product in their own space and see it as they would if the product was actually there. They get to zoom in, flip, turn, and rotate to view all its components.

Create a more personalized experience as customers can see products in 3D image setting and project the product into your home, to have a view of how it will look sitting on the floor of your house.

Create a personal connection with the customer to ensure they are satisfied with the product. This reduces the number of returns in a given period.


One of the biggest problems VCM faced before the implementation of AR technology was that static images and video became common and less engaging in each session. The result was a steady to the stagnant growth in dwell time and time spent on-page. VCM wanted to solve this by including relevant information that would engage customers and needed AR technology to achieve this.


  • One of the most obvious pain points that is present in online retail for any consumer is the inability to try and test something before they buy it. The “View in AR’ feature that appears on the product page of the C3 Vacuum Cleaner makes it easier for consumers to view the product size, colors and order the right item.
  • The AR experience can be launched via a smartphone or desktop. On the mobile device, the customers can zoom in and out, flip and turn the vacuum in AR and preview how it may look like in the home.
  • All functionality features of the platform are displayed in an easy to read design. The 360-degree rotation allows customers to get a clear view of the product before they decide to buy it.


  • Following the integration of a web-enabled AR on VCM platform, the company has made $5000 in sales with the ARitized product in just a week.
  • Hundred of thousands of visitors are flocking the site and the overall dwell time is 30% higher than the previous period before the integration with the AR system.
  • Before the implementation of AR, the average visitor to a product page was worth approximately $20. With the ARitized product, the average visitor is worth $43, a 115%increase.


VacuumCleanerMarket.com now offers a virtual view in AR without the need to download a separate app download. The web-based solution allows the company to bypass the hassle of developing, maintain and promoting adoption of a standalone app. The company has the flexibility to add new products without the need for frequent app updates which creates a more meaningful shopping experience to drive more informed buying decisions for consumers. The more you build a strong connection with the customer using technology, the more they are likely to buy your product.

The claim that dwells times, average spends, and sales have doubled since the integration of AR could show that the technology has become the gold standard in product insight and education, bridging the gap between physical and digital products in a global market.

Dan Dwoskin

Written by Dan Dwoskin


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