The multi-trillion dollar ecommerce industry is moving to Web 3.0 - and fast! Accelerating the adoption is the growing excitement around 3D models and augmented reality, which increase engagement around the online experience - particularly when it comes to ecommerce.  

AR and 3D models created by Nextech AR Solutions have been proven to increase sales, decrease product returns, and improve advertising results. This all is leading to potentially billions of dollars in value, and bottom-line impact for the company's global brand clients which include Kohl’s, CB2, Crate and Barrel, NAPA Auto Parts, and many others.  

ARitize 3D Configurator is a one-stop-shop AR solution with automated 3D model creation at an unbeatable price. The company’s AI turns existing 2D product images into high-quality 3D and AR experiences. It's fast, it's easy and it will transform your ecommerce website. And it is having a major impact for companies large and small. 

These companies recognize the clear benefits of ARitize 3D Configurator. Flat and static 2D images are going the way of the dodo as amazing and engaging 3D and AR images are reimagining the ecommerce experience. The companies at the vanguard of this movement illustrate just how profound and pervasive the shift to 3D is. 

  • William Wood Design, a UK-based mirror manufacturer, looked to Nextech AR Solutions for help in creating models of their mirrors, a notoriously complex product to convert into 3D. The work demonstrates the capacity for ARitize 3D Configurator to handle a wide variety of complex products.  

  • Kindred Custom Snowboards is well-known for its “rideable art.” ARitize 3D Configurator is being used to make their snowboards, splitboards, and skis jump to life with customizable 3D models for customers.  

  • Art Millwork Design, an American wood wall art and wood decor manufacturer, is working with ARitize 3D Configurator to create a variety of high quality 3D models showcasing their unique products. Nextech AR Solutions’ ability to provide high quality and high resolution models that accurately reflect exactly what customers are buying are making a difference. 

With 3D models, every detail of a product can be seen and explored. Customers considering a product can turn it, zoom in, zoom out, change the colors, virtually “place” it in a room, and feel confident that the item is exactly what they are looking for. The result is a 93 percent increase in click-through rates, a 40 percent decrease in return rates, and a 90 percent drop in the cost of product photography. 

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This kind of value - critical in the evolving world of Web 3.0 - is driving strong demand for ARitize 3D Configurator. It is making it possible to transform static online stores into vibrant virtual showrooms. Nextech AR Solutions makes it easy to provide the exciting, immersive shopping experience that keeps customers more engaged, better informed and ready to spend.  

If you’re ready for an affordable, scalable, and easy solution for 3D/AR models for ecommerce, look no further than our AI-powered ARitize 3D Configurator.

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Written by Nextech