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Top 5 Reason Your Website Needs Augmented Reality

As competition continues to grow, it’s become more importantthan ever for companies to make the most of their websites. Often times, it’s the first – maybe the only –impression they’ll make on a prospect. While there are countless features a website can include, augmented reality (AR) hasquickly emerged as one of the most important. 5 […]

Stockhouse: Augmented Reality (AR) Leader Makes Game-Changing eCommerce Acquisition

Article Originally posted on Stockhouse January 8, 2018 According to Statista, global ecommerce sales in 2018 will hit over $2.8 trillion dollars, with 60% occurring on a desktop computer and 40% happening on a mobile device.Online shopping isn’t just the way of the future, but it is also the present. Yet the in-store experience still […]

Augmented Reality’s Impact on SEO

        “AR is here to influence how businesses are going to promote their products and services. Soon, how they optimize for search rankings.” Technology is continuously paving the road for greater things both online and off.  With the progression of augmented reality, things are going to get far more interesting. As more brands start to […]

How Augmented Reality Increases Conversion Rates

Modern companies have more options for improving their bottom line than at any other time in history. Just the number that have debuted in the past 20 years is staggering. That trend doesn’t show any signs of reversing, either. With the introduction of augmented reality (AR), companies aren’t getting just another conversion tool. Instead, AR […]

In conversation with Evan Gappelberg on Augmented Reality & eCommerce

Originally Posted January 3, 2018 on Big Data Made Simple. “We recently interviewed Evan Gappelberg, an accomplished entrepreneur and CEO of NexTech AR Solutions, which brings augmented reality (AR) to the masses by creating an AR ecosystem featuring eCommerce solutions for websites. We spoke a lot about augmented reality in eCommerce and you can read the […]