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Augmented Reality Packaging

Smart Packaging powered by Augmented Reality

Stand out with smart augmented reality packaging!
Create an impactful experience, increase sales, and boost customer engagement and brand awareness.

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Give your customers a one-of-a-kind and outside of the box experience with NexTech AR holograms, Genie in a Bottle!

Your genie can be an expert, brand ambassador, or celebrity to help you increase sales as well as boost engagement and retention while standing out from the competition.

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Xperience the future of packaging. 

Try it now

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Experience the future of packaging. 

Try it now

* Make sure your phone is facing the QR Code to see the experience.

What is Genie in a Bottle?

  • An innovative yet simple and engaging solution that brings packaging to life​

  • Brings life to virtually any packaging

  • Includes AR human holograms, product call-outs, 3D objects, visual effects​

  • Triggered from a simple QR code, scanned via a smartphone​

  • Goggle-free and glasses-free technology: works with most Android and iOS smartphones​

  • Works in any place, at any time

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Features and Benefits of Augmented Reality Packaging

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  • Stand Out. Create an instant WoW effect, gain virtual shelf space and visibility with infinite possibilities for enhancing products through 3D objects, animations, sound, & video

  • Increase product sales and brand awareness

  • Create a unique relationship to your brand with Training and instructions via Brand Ambassador Hologram​

  • Engage. Develop unique relationship with customers by providing episodic content, and a reliable communication channel. Let clients share their experience on social networks and watch your brand awareness grow!

  • Enable a direct path to purchase

  • Retain customers with episodic content and promotions to encourage repurchase, loyalty and advocacy

Try it Yourself!
 Experience Augmented Reality Packaging

  • Download the ARitize App in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store


  • Open the App. Tap the Code button on the menu bar

  • Scan the QR Code. Aim your phone at the QR code here to launch the AR experience

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