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Getting Started With Augmented Reality

From ecommerce to industrial manufacturing, Augmented Reality is already becoming an indispensable component of every-day life. And what we're seeing is just a beginning.

Choose Your Augmented Reality Experience:

AR Hologram

Augmented Reality Human Holograms

Human Holograms are 2D videos of a person, recorded with a green screen which can be placed in a physical or digital space and viewed through a NexTech AR mobile app

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AR Portal

Augmented Reality 360° Portals

A gateway to 360-degree virtual rooms. Users can walk into a door frame into a virtual environment.

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AR 3D Product

Augmented Reality Product Visualization

3D presentation of a physical productYou can see and experience products from every angle and have the ability to zoom into your product to see the smallest of details.

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Web AR (App-free Augmented Reality)

3D presentation of a physical product that’s viewable through the web, without an app. This format is ideal for eCommerce sites will to offer enhanced product visualization to their clients. 

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AR Advertising

Augmented Reality Advertising

Online advertising banners can now embark the Web AR product. Viewers can pinch, zoom, rotate the product within the ad unit. Nextech AR solutions offer a full-featured ad platform and can manage your campaign as needed. 

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Augmented Reality Interactive Packaging

Anchor a hologram brand ambassador to virtually any packaging with Our Genie in a bottle technology.

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AR Human Holograms

Get your message across by sending a human hologram! Holograms can be placed in a physical or digital space, and viewed through a NexTech AR mobile app​.

They can be used for Announcements, Virtual training, Product walk-through demos, In-store demonstration - brand ambassador, Augmented packaging, Augmented Marketing collaterals.

NEW in 2021: our Holograms can be live streamed!

AR Portals

Parallel universes made possible: Place a virtual door in your room, walk through it and and discover 360 degree virtual rooms!

They can be used for Virtual visits with 360 VR videos, Factory tours, Museums & Art galleries, Stores

3D Augmented Reality Products

Turn your physical products into 3D augmented reality models and view them from our app by simply scanning a QR code

They're ideal for Product Launches and demonstrations, Product training, Entertainment, etc.

3D WebAR Products

Take your eCommerce site to another dimension, as Web AR makes your model viewable through the web, without even using an app!

Web AR models are proven to increase clicks, conversions, sales while reducing returns. on eCommerce sites.

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AR Display Advertising 

  • AR is the new product visual standard: Bring all the benefits of a 3D Product Hologram in your ads and your Marketing Campaigns.

  • Improved Conversions Reuse the same 3D Product Hologram in all your Campaigns to drive more traffic and watch your click-through rates soar

  • Increased Customer Engagement: You can add Instant Messaging to your 3D Hologram Ad unit for immediate contact with your shopper.

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  • Track, measure, and manage your, customer interaction and see your ROI soar.

  • Analyze traffic, engagement, and shopper behavior in real-time.

  • Access key metrics visually and in rich detail.

  • Compare 3D/AR engagement and shopper behavior broken down by device type—desktop to mobile.










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