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ARitize Maps is your all-in-one metaverse creation studio. Allows you to spatially map your location and populate it with interactive 3D objects, navigations, wayfinding, audio and more!

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Phone capturing background and showing AR Maps in action with a path and destination point.

Use ARitize Maps to create and share location persistent AR experiences, or guide your audience via AR Navigation.


Let AR navigation lead the way

Three phones showcasing the ARitize Maps app.


Create your AR map in 3 easy steps

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Create Map

Create location-based AR maps for events, rental homes, advertisements, and more!


Living room in background with options to edit the surrounds using menu.
Add Content

Drag and drop objects or add text into your mapped experiences.


Office space with AR map line with destination icon at the end of the hallway.
Publish & Share

Once your map is ready, publish it and share with others.


What you can add to your AR map

Text messages icon


Text Messages

Quickly communicate location specific details by displaying messages in AR.

audio icon



Record audio or upload from your device. You can select audio to play on tap or by coming close to it in the location.

3D objects icon


3D Objects

Add objects from the library, or upload your own!

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Need a sticky-note for extra information? We got you covered!

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Upload from your cam roll and place directly into your map!

navigation icon



Drag and drop points of interest, and help guide your audience via AR Navigation.

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We’re the only end-to-end metaverse mapping solution!

Public Maps: Get discovered by your customers nearby

Put your store or event on the map - AR Map, and let customers discover your business through engaging AR content - it is just one click away!

Phone in from of a mall with AR map line pointing to destination.

AR Navigation: Help your audience find their way

Don't let your audience roam around - guide them to where you want them to be!

Phone recording background showing destination of AR path in office.

We made creation of AR Maps easy - Anyone can do it!

ARitize Maps is a drag-and-drop solution for you to augment your store, home, or event in few minutes, on your smartphone device!

Hand holding phone recording a space with 360 icon above with multiple editing icons on left side of screen.

Add exponential value with ARitize Maps!


Spatially map any location, add 3D and holographic content and enter the metaverse.

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Real Estate

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Trade Show

 shopping centre icon

Shopping Centre

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 office building icon

Office Building

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Have more questions?

Here are some frequently asked questions.


  • What is ARitize Maps?

    ARitize Maps is a smartphone application available on iOS and android for authoring, sharing and viewing location-persistent AR experiences and AR Navigation. It is a self-serve solution, and all is done on a smartphone device in a matter of minutes.

  • How does ARitize Maps work?

    ARitize Maps builds upon AI-enabled solution for smartphone camera devices to recognize their surroundings and display hyper-accurate location-anchored AR content. No additional hardware or markers are needed.

  • Is it available for both iOS and Android?

    Yes, ARitize Maps is available on ARCore or ARKit supported Android or iOS devices.

  • What is ARitize Maps SDK?

    ARitize Maps SDK is our Unity SDK used to build 3rd party AR applications for localization and navigation.

  • What is ARitize Maps Web Studio?

    ARitize Maps Web Studio is an online web editor that can be used to create navigation paths by creating Maps, adding Floor Plans, and other assets over the web, which can then be viewed through the app built with our Unity SDK. ARitize Maps Studio will be launched in Q3 2022.

  • What is ARitize Mapping?

    Any time ARitize Maps app is used to create new AR Map, the app creates point cloud maps of any given area that is then used for localization (determining the exact physical location of the device) and placement of AR content to be displayed and anchored to physical location.

  • Can I use the app indoors or outdoors?

    You can use the app both indoors and outdoors in proper lighting conditions.

  • Do I need to create an account for using ARitize Maps?

    As a guest user, you can view AR Maps that were shared with you. To create AR Map, you will need to create an account in the app.

  • I am ready to create my first AR map, what are the best practices for creating a good AR map?

    • Move your phone slowly while mapping to avoid sudden rotations or other unintended effects.
    • Try to move physically through space that you are mapping instead of standing in one place. This will enhance the 3D map and improve localization accuracy.
    • Make sure the area you are mapping has enough visual feature points for better results.
      For mapping areas larger than 50 m2, capture them in multiple maps.
    • You should map for a minimum of 45 seconds to have enough feature points in a maps.
    • If the lighting in a scene changes drastically, try creating maps multiple times in different lighting scenarios.
  • Are there any limitations when creating AR maps?

    You can create as many AR maps as you wish, but each map is limited to physical locations that are up to 50m2. If you would like to map spaces larger than 50m2, try creating multiple maps.

    In addition, when creating a map it is important to ensure that lighting conditions are good and that you avoid reflective surfaces (mirrors, glass, etc).

  • How can I share my AR map?

    Once you are ready to share your AR map you can share it via app to social media platforms, emails, messengers. The receiver will get instructions on how to access your map, including location details and ARitize Maps code that will open your map.

  • I received a link to ARitize Maps, what should I do next?

    First make sure you are in the location associated with AR map. Once in the right location, open ARitize Maps app and input the code that you received.
    If you don't have ARitize Maps app, you will need to download it first.

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ARitize Maps is the first app on the market that lets you CREATE, SHARE and VIEW AR maps on your smartphone.


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