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Converting CAD files to 3D models has never been easier with our scalable solution. Unlock your assets’ potential and drive your marketing strategy.


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Transform CAD files to 3D models in 3 simple steps

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Upload your CAD files & images


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AI creates your models


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Show off your products in 3D


We have taken 3D model creation from "craft-production" to "mass-production."

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How ARitize CAD can optimize your product lifecycle


Add efficiency and productivity to your product development process

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Decrease time to market and lower costs through better collaboration and design simulation.

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Bypass expensive 2D photography with photorealistic 3D models.

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Of manufacturing companies experience challenges due to poor visualization capabilities.

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Reduction in time spent training.



Use ARitize CAD to scale up your production capabilities

Design Visualization

  • Advanced Graphical Tools; Easy-to-use texturing, shadow display and other graphical effects for users across all technical levels.
  • Stakeholder buy-in; Use 3D/AR models to visualize product design and gain internal sign-off across the organization during prototyping.
Screen showing Ad creation of a blank supercar with options for textures.

Product Communication

  • Product photography; bypass 2D photography by going directly from CAD to 3D customer-centric models on your product page.
  • Verify regulatory compliance; visualize the product in 3D to demonstrate regulatory compliance with industry standards.
  • Showcase product features and functionality; 3D animations, configurations, and exploded views for internal and external training and product marketing.
Super car shown in from of white square with the car having a gradient transparency.


  • Collaboration; enhance cross functional collaboration agnostic of CAD software vendor through scalable file conversion.
  • Conversion; supports a wide range of CAD formats to create simplified, high poly 3D models.
Transparent car on left and fully textured car on right with ARitize CAD logo in middle showcasing what can be done with the app.

IP Protection

  • Downstream applications; simplify product geometry to protect intellectual product details.
  • External product demonstrations; create light-weight digital mockups by simplifying the CAD file to protect intellectual secrets.

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ARitize CAD fills the needs of any hardware industry

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