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Introducing NexTech ARs 3D Holograms - no App required!

Sell more stuff.

Augmented reality (AR) for fashion marketing drives your bottom line. Enhance product engagement, increase add to cart rates and reduce product returns.

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Turn Shoppers Into Buyers with AR.


Boost product engagement

Shoppers spend more time engaging with your product and from every angle.


Increase online sales

3D/AR dramatically improves add to cart rates which means you can sell more products.


Reduce product returns

Customers who buy using 3D/AR are up to 50% less likely to return their purchase.

Seeing is believing. See it in 3D/AR.

   The old way of shopping.Jacket 1 plus friends copyNT -


Simply better shopping.

Say goodbye to boring flat photos and say hello to more sales. With 3D/AR, your customers can see and experience your product from every angle before they buy. And with the ability to zoom into your product, they can examine the smallest of details and product features. So why choose photos when you can have better with 3D/AR? 



Let your customers spin it, try it and buy it.

Enhance and accelerate the purchase process.





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Shoe_Grid_500x500_2 (1)



Drive 600% more click-throughs
with 3D Hologram Ads

Bring all the benefits of a 3D Product Hologram on your website and move this into your Marketing Campaigns.

Reuse the same 3D Product Hologram in all your Campaigns to drive more traffic and watch your click-through rates soar.

You can add Instant Messaging to your 3D Hologram Ad unit for immediate contact with your shopper.

Track and measure everything.

Traffic StatsNT -

Track, measure, and manage your, customer interaction and see your ROI soar.

Add to cartNT - Graph

Analyze traffic, engagement, and shopper behavior in real-time.

ActivityNT - Graph

View key metrics visually and in rich detail.

DeviceNT - Graph

Compare 3D/AR engagement and shopper behavior broken down by device type—desktop to mobile.




Click here for the Analytics Dashboard



This is our limited starter package


per product + set-up fee



Drive the most sales


per product + set-up fee


Faster Sales. Faster ROI.

100% renewal rate of all AR eCommerce subscribers.
ROI is usually 1 to 5 days. Do it through: 

Better sales. Better ROI.

  • 100% renewal rate of all subscribers.

  • ROI for most is 1-3

Click here for Economic Value Proposition.

See it for yourself

Increased User Engagement

Do what pictures and videos can’t. Shoppers can pinch, zoom, rotate and take selfies of themselves with your products.

Soaring Online Conversions

Transform shoppers into buyers. Increased customer engagement times with your product leads to more add to cart rates.

Reduced Product Returns

Reduce buyer’s remorse. Your customers will know exactly what your product looks like in their world—before they purchase.


Customer Testimonial


LA Police Gear Boot



“A lot of our customers are police or military, the gear they buy is life or death, so they really need to see it, to make sure it's gonna work on them”

- Mark Hedman, LA Police Gear
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Learn how augmented reality can enhance customer product engagement, increase add to cart rates and sales, reduce returns, and build powerful and profitable brands.